1. What is KeLearn?
KeLearn is the e-Learning portal of Keltron, a Govt. of Kerala Enterprise.
2. What is e-Learning ?
Learning is the act of developing skills or obtaining knowledge.  When you develop skills or obtain knowledge electronically, it is called e-Learning.
3. How is teaching done in KeLearn ?
Teaching at KeLearn is mainly done using interactive multimedia contents (Click here to view demo).  These contents are developed by expert faculties.  Additionally, live tutoring support is provided through virtual classroom, where you can interact with experts from the industry and get your doubts clarified.  Inbuilt quiz, exercises, and examinations help you to check your level of learning.
4. Is KeLearn an effective way to learn ?
 We believe the answer is YES!
  • Our training is not faculty-dependant.  So, tutoring is done the best way every time for each student.
  • Don't worry about missing classes and losing significant lessons – login any time to view your lessons.
  • Repeat the classes as many times as you want till you get the concept right!! – It is simply like asking your teacher to take classes again and again for you.
  • Don't wait for batch time or class time - login any time.
  • Don't waste your precious time travelling to centers - learn from home.
  • Our training program focuses "learn by doing" concept - practical sessions play an important role in our training program.
  • Kelearn has trained more than 2000 students during the last 4 years.
  • Check our student testimonials section for feedback from our students.
5. What are the advantages of Kelearn ?
  • Training programs approved by industry.
  • Training centers across India.
  • Learn from home option is available.
  • Faculty guidance through Virtual class room sessions.
  • Best training contents available.
  • Keltron Certification on successful course completion.
  • Placement assistance for job-oriented programs.
6. What are the differences between KeLearn Medical Transcription Training program and other Medical Transcription Programs ?
KeLearn MT Training Program                            Other MT Training Programs
Training program as per Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity(AHDI) guidelines Just offer some basic LOM lessons and transcription files
Rich multimedia content - ensures an enjoyable learning experience Either text book based learning or old fashioned power point or flash presentations
Automated quiz, exercise and examinations - helps to check the level of learning Most of them do not have this
Periodic virtual classroom sessions by experts Not available
Student monitoring through LMS Not avaiable
Transcription files across all body systems Provides transcription files only for selected body systems
Report Specific transcription files - Consultation reports, ER Reports, History and Physical reports, Discharge Summary and operative reports Not provided with Medical transcription training                                                                                                                                                      
Free study material (soft copy) Not provided
English, MT theory, Basic computer class, Medico legal aspect of MT, editing and proof reading module, etc. as part of Medical Trascription training  Not provided
Home learning option -  highly effective  Available, But ineffective due to lack of student monitoring mechanism 
 State-of-the art transcription review method - provides immediate feedback for the files done  Not available
Govt. certification on successful completion - A valid certificate even for employment abroad  No Govt. Certificate


7. Is KeLearn Medical Transcription Training program ideal for me ?

KeLearn MT Training program is ideal for you if you are :

  • a plus 2 student or graduate looking for a job opportunity in the fast growing MT industry.
  • a currently working professional, but would like to learn something during spare time and would like to develop a career in MT.
  • currently studying,but would like to learn something during spare time and earn even while studying ( Earn while you learn)
  • a house wife with plus 2 or above,but would like to explore employment opportunities in MT field.
  • a disciplined and self motivated person.
  • comfortable navigating the internet using e-mail.
  • do not have the time to commute to classes.
  • having no training institutions in your area providing valid Govt. certification training
8. Do I need to go to a center and study?
KELEARN provides you with the advantage of learning from home as well as from a center.  If you have a computer and internet connection at home you can enroll into KELEARN through any KELEARN study center near your home and then learn from home.
9. What is the admission process ?
  • Go to your closest Keltron Authorized Training Center
  • Make entrance exam fee payment (applicable only for Medical Transcription Training Program)  
  • Entrance exam fee Rs.150/- for Medical Transcription Training
  • Fee shall be paid in the form of DD taken in favor of Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. Payable at Thiruvananthapuram
  • Submit necessary document for admission (Educational qualification document ,identity proof,passport size photo
  • Once you passed the entrance examination, make the payment - submit the course fee as pet the course option
  • The fee payment shall aslo be done as DD (the details are mentioned above)         
10. How many hours do I need to spend in KELEARN ?
The training period varies from course to course. Eg, if you select Advanced Medical Transcription 6 months course, you need to put a minimum of 4 hours on a daily basis. If you select Advanced Medical Transcription 1 year program, you need to put only 2 hours. You can log in and take lessons as per your convenience.


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