KeLearn Virtual Classroom 

We offer periodic guidance sessions to the candidates through our virtual classroom portal - KeLearn Virtual Classroom (KVC). Students will be intimated about the sessions through e-mail.  They can also see the scheduled sessions by entering the KVC portal.  With just a mouse click, students can join the session.  These sessions provides opportunity to our students to interact with subject matter experts.  Students can clarify their doubts, seek more information, and learn effectively through virtual classroom sessions. 

Apart from routine scheduled sessions, students can request one-to-one sessions during the training program to address specific problems.  Please send requests for one-to-one sessions to

 How to Install KeLearn Virtual Classroom in your computer?

First time users need to install Virtual Classroom in their computer before joining the KVC session.  To install KVC in your computer, click on the link "Enter the Virtual Classroom portal" which is provided below.  In the new page, click on the "Set Up" button and then click on the  Meeting Centerbutton    You will be guided to a page where you can Set Up Meeting Center.  Click on the "Set Upbutton in that page to initiate the set up process.  It will take a few minutes to download and install the application in your computer depending on your internet speed.  Press "OK" button to complete installation.

 Requirements to join KeLearn Virtual Classroom Session

  • Computer with internet connection
  • Headphone with microphone

Enter the Virtual Classroom portal



KeLearn Student Virtual Space

KeLearn Student Virtual Space is the virtual world where KeLearn students can come together, interact, and collaborate.  Students can share their learning experience with other students and also share the experiences with the tutors.  Assignments will be posted to the students in the virtual space and students can send the finished assignments to the tutor here.  Click on the below link to access Virtual Space 

Enter Student Virtual Space

user name:  student1

password:  kelearnstud 



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