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Sreedevi Sunilkumar- Ernakulam


I have successfully completed Kelearn Advanced Medical Transcription Course, recently.  It was one of the amazing experience in my life.  I have done the MT Course online as I am in Pune.

At the beginning of the Transcription Practice Module, I was a little bit disappointed as I felt very tough.  I was not sure that I will be able to complete the Course.  After completing two files, I got confidence as I got proper support and guidance from my tutor.  It helped me to continue and complete the course successfully.  I am very much thankful to the entire Kelearn team for the support and guidance extended during the Online MT Course.  They are very co-operative and were ready to clear my doubts at any time.

Once again, I thank entire Kelearn Team for the support and guidance extended during the entire MT Course.


Hi ,

I have just completed my Advanced Medical Transcription Training from KELEARN. The whole experience of learning a new course within the comforts of my home and at my convenient timing was really good.  The Language of Medicine module in the course material which included anatomy, physiology, and pathological conditions of all organ systems in the human body was easy to understand.  The team of experts at the center were always ready to help.  The prompt and clear correction of the tests motivated me to do better each time. The tutors regularly cleared my doubts through phone/mail which is truly commendable.  The final exam was also conducted very systematically.  I take this opportunity to thank the entire team for all the help and guidance extended to me during my course of study. 


Vinitha S